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  • Trademark registration
  • Trademark Search
  • Trademark Oppositions
  • Legal Procedures
  • Legal Rights
  • Legal Actions
  • Trademark Renewals
  • Trademark Watching
  • Change Of Name
  • Change Of Address
  • Change Of Legal Type
  • Inheritance / pledge
  • Assignment
  • License
  • Merger
  • Well–Known Trademarks check list
  • Trademark Valuation
  • Priority matter


  • Patent granting
  • Search
  • Utility Models (except Kosovo)
  • Oppositions
  • Legal Rights
  • Legal Actions
  • Annuities
  • Continuance
  • Non-Patentable Subject Matters and Inventions consultancy
  • Watching of Patent/Utility Model
  • Change Of Name
  • Change Of Address
  • Change Of Type
  • Inheritance/ pledge
  • Assignment
  • License
  • Merger
  • Conversion Of The Certificates/
  • Foreign Patent / Utility Model Applications
  • Priority Right / filing of Documents of Evidence of IEA


  • Industrial Design Registration
  • Industrial Design Search
  • Definition Of Design
  • Classification
  • Multiple Application
  • Industrial Design Oppositions
  • Legal Rights
  • Legal Actions
  • Industrial Design Infringement
  • Terms Of Protection
  • Protection Conditions
  • Non – Protectable Designs consultancy
  • Cancellation of Industrial Design
  • Crimes And Penalties
  • Renewal Of Industrial Design
  • Watching Of Industrial Design
  • Change Of Name
  • Change Of Address
  • Change Of Type
  • Inheritance/ pledge
  • Assignment
  • License
  • Merger


Avaiable soon (EXCEPT KOSOVO)

Avaiable soon

  • Geographical Signs
  • Geographical Indications
  • Applicants collective consultancy
  • Non-protectable signs
  • Geogrphical Indication Registration
  • Auditing
  • Legal Clauses


  • All kinds of patents, description of the industrial designs, list of the goods/services of the trademarks, copyrights, etc…
  • All documents issued at the starting, middle and end of the hearing duration: Suit petitions, expert witnesses report, evidences, minutes of the hearings, court decisions
  • All kinds of official and private agreements, agreements about the establishment of the company, signature declarations, powers of attorney, decisions and minutes of the authorization committee, letter of interests in the duration of tender, documents like articles and conditions
  • All kinds of international trade communications, invoices and the documents used instead of the invoices
  • All kinds of letter, report, article, news, document, certificate, patent, agreement, prospectus and the other documents about pharmacy and chemistry
  • All kinds of documents issued at the time of import and export procedures: agreements, bailment, guarantee, proforma invoice, invoice, consignment, dispatch list, list of the cheque, guarantee certificate, designation of origin certificate, etc
  • Guarantee certificates, authorization certificates, permissions, licenses, etc… and applications about these matters received from the official or private offices
  • All documents about the custom and transport and user guides
  • Marketing documents
  • All kinds of law, regulations, declarations and documents equal these, International agreements and protocols
  • All kinds of machines, motors, electric, electronic, automotive, etc… technical translations
  • All kinds of official and un-official documents which have been processed by the banks and firms which are in the duration of commercial letter of credit


Avaiable soon

Market Investigation: In order to check if an industrial and intellectual property is being infringed in a specific market; a market investigation can be conducted. – Sending warning letter: We would like to let you know that if it is determined that there is an infringement against the intellectual and industrial property of a party and unfair competition; a warning letter can be sent to the infringing party to stop the infringing actions and unfair competitions. In Kosovo; warning letters can be sent via Notary of Public or by Express Mail Service.