Announcement (Notice)

 Announcement (Notice)On 25.03.2017 entered into force the new law no. 17/2017 “On amendments and additions to the Law 9947, dated 7.7.2008” On Industrial Property, “adopted by the Assembly of the Republic of Albania, dated 02.16.2017, published in the Official Gazette no. 43 dated 09/03. Based on Article 1 of this Law, the name of the institution “General Directorate of Patents and Trademarks” (DPPM) is replaced with the term “General Directorate of Industrial Property” (DPPI). In implementing the new legal changes, DPPI notifies all applicants for registration of industrial property objects to refer to the provisions of this Law, starting from the date of its entry into force, 25.03.2017The Albanian version of law in force is found in the link below: Specifically the goals to be achieved through this Law are:·         Facilitation of examination procedures, as well as the creation of a legal environment to improve electronic services and communication. Creation of possibility for the on-line application in order to facilitate the procedures. ·         Creating a legal basis for the provision of IP objects and to use them as collateral, to ensure that the IP objects to take the belonging market value.·         Adjusting some DPPI procedures and competencies, based on national and international practice of law enforcement in the IP field.·         Determination of legal criteria for well-known marks.·         Creating a legal basis for the licensing of IP experts from DPPI for lawsuits and investigations.·         Creating a legal basis for the establishment a processing chamber for revocation / repeal as well as chamber for consideration of oppositions, as part of DPPI’s structure.·         Determination the powers of revocation / repeal chamber and of chamber for consideration of opposition.·         Accuracy of procedures for registration of geographical indications and designations of origin in order to avoid the problems encountered in practice.·         Re-composition of the Board of Appeal such as a structure even with external experts and it’s powered with important legal competences. ·         Revising criteria for the licensing of Patent and Trademark Attorneys.·         Changing the naming and administrative structure of DPPI from a public budget institution into an autonomous agency under Articles 10 and 20 of Law no. 90/2012, “On organization and functioning of state administration” in order to strengthen the administrative and financial capacity, as a key element of the realization of its mission.